the Regular forces took hold of the al-A'ziziya village


Aleppo province: Regular forces supported by officers from the Lebanese Hezbollah took hold of the al-A'ziziya village, north of al-Safira city, after violent clashes with rebel fighters. Areas in the al-Bab city and the Bza'a town were bombarded by regular forces which led to the death of 5 civilians, including 2 women, in al-Bab city and several injuries. The airforce opened gunfire with heavy machineguns on areas on the Ghazi A'ntab road and the M'aret al-Artiq area. Clashes broke out between the ISIS and the Shuhada' Bader battalion in the outskirts of the al-Achrafiya neigbourhood, along with ISIS bombardment on the al-Sakan al-Shababi area in al-Achrafiya which fighters from the battalion are centralized in. Clashes led to the death of 2 young men and the injury of 1 child. The ISIS published a footage of Gold jewellery and house supplies yesterday which the ISIS stated that it confiscated from the Shuhada' Bader battalion, accusing them of stealing civilian properties and money. Activists from al-Safira confirmed to the SOHR that the reports of al-Nusra, the ISIS and rebel fighters clashing with regular forces in the city are false and invalid.
Created On 2013-11-02

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