more than 150 regular forces killed in Lattakia countryside


Local and Medical resources confirmed to SOHR, that the number of regime forces and its allies who were killed by clashes around the northern countryside of Lattakia is more than 150 ( including 13 officers in addition to Hilal Al-Assad the leader of the NDF in Lattakia ), while hundreds were inured .
Lattakia province: warplanes bombarded areas around the 45th observatory, and Al-Neser mount, no information about the casualties, amid regime's bombardment around the villages of Al-Nab'en and Al-Samra, in addition to Nabaa Al-Mur, the outskirts of the 45th observatory, Kasab, and Tashalma mount, accompanied by violent clashes between regime forces backed by the Syrian resistance to liberate Iskenderon and NDF, against Jabhat AL-Nusra and Islamic battalions.
Created On 2014-03-28

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